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10 Lessons About Life I’ve Learned by Blogging by Kathy Gottberg

I have found this post while checking out blogs. I think it’s a great read for those who are new at blogging as it comes from a veteran blogger like Kathy Gottberg.

Here’s the summary of her post:

10 Lessons About Life I’ve Learned

#1 If you don’t love what you’re doing, pick something else.

#2 You can’t please everyone so you’d better please yourself.

#3 Don’t do it for the money!

#4 Don’t expect others to support you, just be happy when anyone does.

#5 Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

#6 Writing is a gift that can clarify thinking, awareness, emotions and priorities.

#7 You probably know more than you think you know—and what you don’t know, you can learn.

#8 Pay no attention to the critics.

#9 It’s crazy and ineffective to compare yourself to others.

#10 Find your purpose and stick with it.

You can check out her full post here: http://smartliving365.com/10-lessons-about-life-ive-learned-by-blogging/