Blogging 101 Alumni: A Community, A Treasure

I have been busy checking out blogs and post of my friends here in blogosphere, especially of those who are in Blogging 101 Alumni Community this past two days. I find I’m having fun reading and commenting on their post as I think they are great and really being able to write a sentence is hard enough and being able to write a long post is a feat in itself!  I should know since I’m struggling to write another blog after the last one last month and I’m grateful that there is a Blogging 101 Alumni community since it helped us newbie bloggers to share ideas, give feedback and uplift each other. I think I have enjoyed more if I was able to participate on Blogging 101 but unfortunately even if I’ve registered, I forgot about it because I’ve been busy and I didn’t synced my emails on my phone so I didn’t get the messages from Blogging 101 but I hope I can participate this September.

I’ve created this website same as the day I’ve posted my very first blog. I’ve done it just to learn about WordPress as it seems it is required a lot to know about it if you are an online freelancer but I can’t consider myself as a good writer so after posting at least 4 blogs I didn’t get to check it out again. Thankfully I’ve synced my email account in my phone and found messages from Blogging 101 so I’ve checked it as it piqued my interest. On the very first time I’ve said hello, someone immediately replied and invited me to join the community. I was ecstatic! I immediately confirmed the email message he sent me. Then as I’m checking on the details in the community, the information on the site, the guidelines, reading and liking the comments, someone followed my site, my heart jumped with joy! Someone else commented on my post, it’s really great! I appreciate them so much and I’m really thankful to have known them. The truth is whenever someone else add my site to those sites they follow my heart always jump with joy as I know they are giving a part of them, their time and energy for someone they barely knew and may never see as I’m in a different part of the world and it’s really an honor.

As I guess excitement get the best of me, I have spent the last two days checking out and reading blogs of my fellow bloggers.  I find that they really write from the heart and to most of them they are sharing their life’s ups and downs. I find them inspiring and reading their posts makes me feel I know them. When they replied to my comments it’s like they are just there in front of me and talking to me. I hope that for those who are going through some kind of difficulties, my words are able to reach them and uplift them even just a little as their penned words provided me something to look forward to and helped me to continue this journey in this blogosphere.

Truly, finding Blogging 101 Alumni Community is a treasure I will never forget for from it I found new friends, known great writers, learn new things, shared ideas, and continue to learn things and I believe with the support each of us are giving and getting we are well on our way to improving in this writing journey.

To all of us, keep writing, keep sharing and keep posting. We may have different reasons for writing, may it be for others, for fun, as a form of therapy, to earn, to learn, to practice or even to make a difference or change the world, please keep the joy. Keep up the good work guys! 🙂

33 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Alumni: A Community, A Treasure

  1. Joining the Blogging 1010 course has been fantastic for me, and thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to comment. Like you, my heart leaps,when someone likes something, when someone leaves a comment my joy knows no bounds and as for a follower, wow! Thanks for being so generous.

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    • I really missed experiencing Blogging 101, I usually join but since I also on some online courses I am not able to catch up and be there. I really love interaction that is why I am enjoying blogosphere. Thank you! Hugs!


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  3. So similar we are. I often don’t post because I am so lost in commenting and reading. And I agree with ramexa, this post, and all of the comments you inspired people to leave, should help alleviate some of your self doubt about your ability to write. You can do it!

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  4. This is great. I am so glad you are finding such great success to your blog!! It is always a pleasure, an honor, and a joy to see your dedication as a reader and a writer. Good luck to you and your future post. Cannot wait to read them!!

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    • I am much of a reader than I writer on my list but thank you for such inspiring words, it makes me want to write more hahaha 🙂 As for me encouraging others through reading their post and sharing a piece of my mind is much more satisfying but of course I want to also have your love for writing.

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    • I can’t say I have success on my blog as I only able to write only 5 lol 🙂 Since there are so many of you here who are encouraging and inspiring I’m inclined to add more. Keep up your good work, I’m enjoying getting to know you through your blogs 🙂

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      • Yes, I’m glad to be able to write sometimes. At least I tried 🙂 I guess I’m happier sharing my point of view and giving positive vibes. There will always be down times in our life and I try not to dwell in them so much as I believe life is more beautiful with having positive people around and helping others even in a small way 🙂 I’m glad to know you too Jamerly. 🙂

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    • Thank you very much for stopping by. I am humbled that such a great writer took the time to read my post. I’m new in the community and what they call blogosphere here but I’m learning a lot. I’m glad to be of help. I like your blogs I think you really are a big help to your readers and I will surely stop by often.


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for liking (perhaps) two of my posts. I think you have a lot of potential. You get a great kick out of writing and sharing. that is a great start (sincerity). Keep it up. Communicating is so important. And you look up quite a bit which is humble. Thanks again.

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    • Thank you too 🙂 I think I get a great kick at reading and commenting lol 😛 and yes in sharing (in a form of a comment) rather than writing. I feel I am more inclined to learn from others than they are inclined to learn from me. I like your post, you are able to share your belief an that is great, although we share some of them but I rather not do that here in blogosphere as I’m doing that outside of it. 🙂

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      • Very wise, as to do so requires some chutz·pah.
        [ˈho͝otspə, ˈKHo͝otspə, -spä]
        audacity; impudence.
        synonyms: audacity · cheek · guts · nerve · boldness · temerity
        I’m not attempting to signal you out just, instead, leading up to this; My beliefs stress to me that I communicate my Faith. But it is possible that you might have noticed that I mostly do it in a inviting way. IE I invite curiosity, I use bait, such as
        emotions (though sincere and universal), but yes nonetheless I do talk “my faith”, as you point out. This is simple for me, because, I can see where mankind’s weakness and misinformation (“science”, ignorance, misapprehension, preference disguised as “reason”) has prejudiced them against Christians. Even “Christians” have caused unbelievers to turn against my beliefs.
        But there you have it (sir, madam?). Sorry if you feel this is an attempt at a challenge (it isn’),
        Sincerely, much love; MAO

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      • Don’t let anybody tell you different; You are Awesome, I wish you much success, a sincere heart (meaning you already possess) as evinced by your writings.

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  6. Thanks for your kind words and this post. It goes to show how pure a heart you have which acknowledges even little acts of kindness or happiness experienced.

    I wish you very best in your blogging journey. I feel you are going to be an inspiration for all of us in days to come.

    Love and light ❤


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