How to Blog Successfully: 10 Tips

These tips are very good for a newbie blogger like me but I hope I really am able to apply them 🙂 I hope others will find them useful too 🙂

21 thoughts on “How to Blog Successfully: 10 Tips

      • Fact is, m new to wordpress still exploring it. Like, how do you go to different blogs, write, then if there are categories. Initially it looks confusing but I think gradually I’ll pick it up 😉 bdw I liked your ” my journey to writing”,, u r not a bad writer (again if it’s urs, n m not mistaken)

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      • Yes it is mine and thank you very much. It’s my first post. I’m really just exploring for now. Just tried using a different theme. So far I’ve created 5 post and those 2 post with the 10 tips title and the other one with quotes are not mine. I just like them and want to share 🙂


  1. I think this is the best blog ” how to blog succ.” i read till the date not because i found any hidden tips just because after reading this, felt courage to write and felt comfortable with my own writing and you are write sometime you feel like deleting what you wrote back for no silly reasons. Lovely, ,♥

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