Inspirational Quotes ~ July 2015

I just thought these quotes are inspiring. I hope anyone who would have a time to read it will enjoy it as much as I do and be inspired. Thank you Ishita for sharing this ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hi All,

I wanted to do a post on my favourite quotes and thought I would do series of them so here is my very first post. These quotes really inspire me and really help me when I am feeling sad. I hope these quotes help you too as they help me.


What are your favourite quotes?


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18 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes ~ July 2015

  1. I keep an inspiring daily or weekly quote taped to the kitchen cabinet. I will definitely use these, thanks. Seeing the quote helps me and I think it helps my daughter.

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      • Thank you so much for saying that. Nice quote. Sometimes I feel like she’s cursed to have me. And other times I’m glad I can help her.

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      • Yea I’m sure my parents felt it when I attempted suicide at 14 and again at 21. My mom may feel guilty bc the mental illness mainly comes from her side. My grandpa was bipolar and in and out of hospitals when she was little.


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