My Baby Boy


He is growing up, talking fast, actively enjoys playing with anything and everything. He has a creative mind, likes to make up stories but when you look at him he just smiles and make your life worthwhile. Sometimes when you don’t pay attention to him, he just suddenly gives you a kiss and hugs you which make you want to just hug him forever. He may make my life busier, a little crazier and chaotic but I would give up anything just to see him smile. I will always treasure his growing up phase because it will not last forever. I love you my baby boy.

41 thoughts on “My Baby Boy

  1. Little boys are so special. I have one too. He’s 8 and the fun doesn’t stop. He’s teaching me how to play a computer games now. Contrary to what one might think, boys love giving hugs and kisses. Adorable!

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  2. This post brought a big smile to me. It’s such a joy to see beautiful babies and especially from the eyes of their mother. I love babies–they’re full of beauty, life, love and joy. They have a great sense of awe and wonder. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing this. You can share pictures of your baby too πŸ™‚


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