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Why do I write?

This is a response to a Writing 101 prompt. I’ve read some of my classmates posts and it seems to me most of them really are doing this because it is their passion and it is natural to them. I’ve read that they are usually expressing their thoughts through writing, it is a therapy for them, and they are happy doing it, some of them even wrote in journals while they are young, which seems pretty amazing to me! While others have dreams to become celebrated authors (I hope and pray they will achieve their dreams). Really, I feel I am in the wrong class and if they will give grade to us I’ll fail!

I wrote my very first post entitled “My Journey to Writing” where it is a detailed (Nah, not really that detailed – since if I make it detailed it will be a Novel and too boring no one will bother to read it!), long history of my journey into writing. I signed up for Writing 101 because I want to be prodded to write something, to make my stagnant and really dormant brain work although I tend to think so many things at a time but not writing them and eventually forgetting them. I think I have a very bad habit of just doing something which is really not natural for me (not really my talent) unless it is required.

The truth is I can’t say I am afraid or terrified to write, unless I have to write something as part of a job or an assignment and I can’t think of something, because really, I have to admit it is not my talent but then again, it can be a learned skill isn’t it? I really consider myself more of a reader than a writer. I want more interaction, someone talking to me, sharing something on an instant, not looking at a monitor and typing something I think about where no one will answer back, however, with the help of encouragement and support I received from my wonderful blogging friends, I am finding inspiration to write.

So let’s go to answer the question: Why do I write? Let me count the ways…

  1. I want to develop my skills in writing. Okay, I admit I have a dream to be an author (It is probably because if I read a very good book – I admire the author’s creativity) but I don’t have the discipline of those who had the passion for writing. (It is just a dream –a pipe dream – not really something I am aiming for, so if I will not be an author it will not be a big disappointment for me).
  2. I can see in paper or in a post what I am thinking about and this helps as a reminder since I am really forgetful. (It even surprises me that I did write something worthwhile and when I read them again, I can’t help but ask myself: “Did I really write those or someone else did?”).
  3. I want to share what I am going through – feelings, experiences, ideas, views, beliefs. It is not only because I want someone else to know me but because I think that although I can’t get an instant interaction, it is still a way to interact with someone and somehow if someone read what I wrote, it can touch them even in a small but positive way and thinking about that makes me happy and inspired.