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Mixed List of Anything

What makes a list? There are many kind of list: list of things we want to change, list of things we want to achieve, list of things we want to do before we come to a certain age, list of bills to pay, list of things to buy, resolution’s list, bucket list, to do list, wish list, list of things we like, list of things we don’t like, and many other list we can think of. I have never been good with list, I think I might have created some in some notebook somewhere but forgot them. However, I’ve enjoyed reading about lists, usually in a magazine, in a book or in an article I’ve read via the internet. Many of the things that I want to achieve or accomplish are just there in my mind, I don’t write them but it was advised that if we want these things to be real for us, achievable, then we should write them.  It can trigger a desire, a passion on us so we will be able to go and work on them. Perhaps they are right or maybe it depends on the person. Does having a list can really make a significant impact on anyone’s life? I don’t know, but for me, I want to have a list of things that if I read them again after so many years, they remind me of wonderful memory, or make me happy or thankful or wishful or just make me smile – a mixed list.

  1. Praying with all my heart and feeling God’s presence in simple things.
  2. A loving husband – his smile, kiss and tender touch.
  3. My son – his laugh, the way he says I love you and whenever he kisses me unexpectedly, knowing that my son is healthy and playing with him.
  4. My mother – talking to her, her support, her good health and whenever she is happy.
  5. Hoping for my sibling’s and their family’s good life.
  6. Newborn babies, cuddling them.
  7. Waking up each day, knowing I am alive.
  8. Having my friends around, having a simple gathering together – lots of laughter.
  9. Knowing and feeling that there are people who loves me and I love them back.
  10. Helping someone in need, giving my time if needed, an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on and being able to express my feelings or talk to someone who understands or simply just talking to someone about anything.
  11. Learning and doing something new.
  12. Watching a good movie, especially a romantic movie with a happy ending.
  13. Reading the Bible – especially Proverbs, Psalms, Song of Solomon and the Gospel and any book that inspires.
  14. Long sleep and rest.
  15. Swimming at the beach or just simply walking in the sand.
  16. Giving service, how little it maybe to my fellow human being and to God.
  17. Cleaning my house or organizing my books after a long time of neglect.
  18. Looking and appreciating nature – trees, butterflies, flowers, plants, animals, fields, mountains and falls.
  19. Smelling fresh flowers and have them on my vase (I love clear, glass vases).
  20. Eating salad and pasta and eating fruits especially a ripe and sweet mango.
  21. Playing with a cute little dog.
  22. Dancing or hike a mountain and reach it’s peak – just on my mind.
  23. Finding a dress that fits me or a sandal that fits and looks good on me. (These are hard to find so it’s a feat if I ever did).
  24. Meeting new friends online or offline, inspiring and encouraging.
  25. A walk or picnic in the park.
  26. Being able to write something and post it in my blog.
  27. Seeing people wear or have anything in any shades of violet – lilac, lavender, purple, indigo, etc.
  28. Listening to 80’s music and singing with it especially when I’m cleaning or washing.
  29. Ride a train and sit beside the window while looking outside to see beautiful sceneries.
  30. Believing that God’s promise that there will be no more sickness and death and there will be life everlasting will soon come.

That’s all for now, maybe I will be able to think of something else to add to this list as time goes by.